A very warm welcome to the Official Barnet B's Colts website. Welcome to those who have merged and joined us in Barnet from Barclays Cricket Club. I run this site as an amateur webster, so please make allowances for the way it looks and runs. If you have any tips or suggestions for me you can e-mail me at the bottom of this page.

The content of this website depends on what information I receive from the coaches and managers. I can't get the results on CEEFAX, so I need to hear from the various age group managers. If your 5 wicket haul or half-century hasn't had a mention on the website then tell your manager/coach to let me know.

If you are a Barnet B's Colt, then I'd like to hear from you. You can send photos of yourself playing cricket and perhaps a short profile with your highest scores, best bowling etc. and I'd gladly include you in the 'Colts Gallery' section. You can e-mail me at


This website is now 10 years old (yes, I know it looks it too !) but it must make it one of the earliest cricket club websites. I rememeber Wembley C.C. having one up and running before this one but Middlesex CCC took a while to get going, well a little after this one anyhow !

Michael Gerard


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